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Regulators Unable to Force MasterCard to Allow Gambling Site Deposits

August 10, 2018 August 13, 2018 Amanda Rothman

If you do get the urge to gamble online these days or even set about gambling on any type of app, then one thing you are going to have to do, unless of course you wish to gamble for free, which many such sites and apps allow you to do, is the choose a payment option.

Now it is fair to say that most people these days will have a debit card or a credit card, but one thing that does surprise people using one of those cards that has been issued by MasterCard is that they are often unable to make deposits into a gambling site using those cards.

Also, whilst some gambling sites do accept MasterCard they are unable to credit winnings achieved back to a MasterCard which then of course forces those customers to have to make a withdrawal using a different method.

The reason why MasterCard do not allow their card uses to make deposits or withdrawals using their card is a business decision and as such it is clearly written in their terms of services and terms and conditions, and as such their customers are unable to force them by going for example to their regulators to force them to allow them to make deposits using those cards or to allow them to process winnings back into their accounts from gambling sites.

Alternatives to MasterCard

There are of course plenty of alternatives to using a MasterCard as the direct payment option to allow you to fund any type of gambling site account.

What many gamblers tend to do is to open up an e-wallet or web wallet account and top those accounts up with their MasterCard as by doing so they can then use those funds in those accounts to allow them to directly funds their gambling site accounts with the funds help in their web or e-wallet accounts.

Use a Visa Card Instead

If you have been experiencing problems using a MasterCard as your preferred form of payment option into gambling related sites, then perhaps it’s time to switch over to using a Visa Card instead.

Most gambling sites have no problems allowing you to find your accounts using Visa and they also have no problems being able to pay you out all of your winnings back to that Visa card account either, so do keep that in mind.


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