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Regulators Concerned About Dealer and Player Collusion

July 19, 2018 July 19, 2018 Craig Anthony

It has always been the case that when you wander into any land based gambling venue, your every move will be caught on many CCTV cameras whilst inside such venues, however they are always hidden aware out of view of most people, so customers of such places are not intimidated by them.

Those cameras are there for a reason, and that is to safe guard the assets inside, for wherever gambling takes place, there are always going to be people looking to scam, cheat and defraud the operators of those venues, and many people do get away with it.

The most common types of crime in a land based casino for example is an outright attack on a gambling machine, whether simply trying to force open those machines and steal the cash inside or even scam then via electronic methods too.

However, over the years there has been a sharp increase regarding the number of crimes that see for example a Blackjack Dealer and a player or team of players, and those crimes are much harder to detect, but casinos do have systems in place to detect such crimes.

Detecting Collusion

There are lots of different ways that a casino operator can and hopefully will detect collusion between their staff and customers, in addition to the many CCTV cameras that are focused on each gaming table.

There will always be a Pit Boss monitoring the games and casinos will regularly swap and change their dealers too, and many larger casinos also now also employ undercover staff to act as players so they can watch the games first-hand and in person to help detect any type of collusion happening on their gaming tables.

How Collusion Takes Place

The list of different ways that have been discovered over the year regarding how players and Dealers can collude seems endless; however the one main way is by a Dealer simply over-paying a winning player, and with skill and practise that can go undetected for quite some time.

Flashing cards in another way that a Dealer can help a player win, or at least reduce their losses, and they do that by simply exposing cards that are about to be dealt out of the shoe to the player they are colluding with.

In some extreme cases Dealers will perform a flash deal in such a way that a player knows in which order playing cards are going to be dealt out, and if that false deal does go unnoticed it can cost a casinos a small fortune!

However, gambling regulators are wising up to the ever growing number of ways that they can and do detect collusion, and as such the risks of getting caught for both Dealers and corrupt players is high, and there have been many arrests over the years and court cases too.

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