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Gambling Site Regulators Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Craig Anthony

Most gambling site regulators do not have their own in-house team of staff do deal with consumer complaints at sites that they license and regulate, and as such what they therefore require each of their license holders to do is to nominate a third party company to hand player complaints.

Those companies are known as Alternative Dispute Resolution Service providers, and as such when a customer of a license gambling site of any type does experience a problem the gaming regulator will refer them to the ADRS that the gambling site has nominated.

It should be pointed out however that they do work completely independently from the gambling sites and are in no way connected to them, so if you do refer a complaint to any Alternative Dispute Resolution Service it will always be looked at fairly.

Once the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service has made their decision regarding what the outcome of any complaint or complaints should be the respective gambling site must adhere to those decisions.

Getting Problems Addressed at Gambling Sites

The first thing you will be best advised to do is to take a note of the time you may have experienced a problem with a betting site, also if you are able to do try and take screenshots of any problems too and then contact the gambling sites support team.

They should then in most cases be able to address those problems on the spot, but if not they will refer that problems to someone else in their operation who can sort out those problems. If all else fails then you will of course need to contact the betting sites Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

Don’t Take Risks When Gambling Online

I think that everybody that does choose to gamble online or on a mobile device or even in a land based betting venue should always ensure that they know the risks fully of any betting activities they are about to take part in.

They should always make a point of setting their own limits long before they do start gambling, and once they have reached their limits then they should stop gambling, for sadly these days it is way too easy to get carried away when gambling in any shape or form!

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Craig Anthony looks into complaints against gambling companies to ensure our readership is aware of just which gambling sites are complying with current legalisation are those that are not.

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