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High Stakes Poker Player Jailed

August 16, 2018 August 16, 2018 Jessica Wilson

It can often come as a big surprise when a poker player that is famed for his poker style, possibly his huge poker winners and also his poker skills is uncovered as a criminal, for it then puts doubts in other players minds who have played against that player as to whether he cheated them when sat playing against them in cash ring games or poker tournaments.

Over in Australia one very well know 60 year old poker player, that being one William Jordanou has just been convicted of one of the largest banking frauds ever to take place in Australia.

It appears that between the years of 2010 and 2014 he set about defrauding the Commonwealth Bank of just short of $58 million by submitting fake and counterfeit documents to secure a large number of loans from them.

The upshot of his crimes is that he has now been sentenced to 9 years inside, and from now on the only poker games he will be playing are those that do not offer huge cash prizes but one that are probably being played for cigarettes or even chocolate bars!

Poker Sites Tasked With Spotting Poker Players at Risk

It is often the responsibility of a poker site to have in place some form of detection system whereby they can spot poker players and gamblers in general who are showing signs of gambling outside of their means.

Be aware that nowadays most poker or gambling related sites are going to request from you proof of how you acquired the funds to gamble at their sites, but often usually only if you have been making some very high valued deposits, and they may suspend paying you out any winnings if you cannot prove the funds you gambled with were acquired legally!

Making Use of Gambling Limit Settings

Whilst it is of course very true and fair to say that most poker players do know how to keep their feet firmly on the ground so to speak when playing poker or in fact gambling in any share or form, it can only take a small series of losses to throw a poker player over the edge.

It is there vitally important that before you do ever set about logging into a poker site whether an online one or a mobile poker app or even before you visit a land based poker venue you set into place some rigid and robust gambling limits and always stick to them.

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Jessica Wilson is based in the USA and as such she takes a very keen interest in US related gambling laws, whether they are surrounding land based gambling venues or online gambling sites.

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