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Gambling Problem Charities in Ireland could be given an Extra €50m

August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Craig Anthony

Problems associated with gambling should of course never be underestimated, and anybody who is experiencing a problem with their gambling activities does tend to have a lot of help and support available to them these days.

However, over in Ireland a quite unusual proposal has just been put forward, and if acted on that proposal will see the tax rate charged to gambling companies being doubled in value, with the extra cash that is then raised being given to gambling support charities across Ireland.

You may be of the mind that a doubling of any countries tax rates is a very bold step, and will probably cause all gambling related companies to be up in arms at such a change; however that is not likely to be the case in Ireland.

The reason for me saying that is that the rate of tax charged on gambling activities is a tiny 1%, and as such doubling it to 2% should break any company, but by doing just that an extra €50m could then be directly channelled to people who have any type of gambling problem.

Betting Sites and Responsible Gambling

One of the major advancements in regards to responsible gambling in recent years is that many gambling sites have some very robust measures and systems in place that allows them to detect gamblers who do have problems when gambling at their sites.

Those systems can take many forms, however most gamblers who do experience a problem will follow some similar patterns which are easily detectable such as betting big after losing, and repeatedly making deposits into betting site.

Self Exclusions on the Increase

Another way that any gamblers are going to be able to help themselves stop gambling is by then requesting to be self excluded from a  gambling site or any type of gambling venue, by doing so they are banning themselves from a gambling site and will have their accounts closed.

A self exclusion can also be performed by anybody at any land based gambling venues they frequent, but be aware that as soon as you have requested to be self excluded you are never going to be permitted to enter that venue again, but that does of course mean that the access to any gambling activities in such a venue are immediately stopped.

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