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Casino Games That Appeal to Youngsters to be withdrawn

December 31, 2017 July 19, 2018 James Anderson

It has always surprised me that casino game designers will, every now and then, design and then launch a casino game, which by the way is usually a slot machine, that has something of a childish theme.

Surely it should be the case that any type of gambling machines that could attract children and those not old enough to gamble to play them should never be designed in the first place?

That is a way of thinking that a number of Gambling Commissions have chosen to adopt, and as such I have heard a few rumblings that very shortly some gaming regulators are going to insist that any type of games of chance that has a theme that is going to appeal to children and anyone not old enough to game are going to be banned from being launched.

Not only that but any games that any casino site and mobile casino apps have on offer to players that comes with a theme that children would find appealing will need to be withdrawn.

That does make sense, however many people who do enjoy playing such games are in uproar, and they do have a good right to be, for surely as long as any mobile or online casino site has a robust system in place for ensuring children and anyone not old enough to gamble at their sites cannot do so then there should be no problems offering games with any type of theme.

Lots of New Casino Games

There is going to be one thing that you are always going to come across if you do decide to switch some or even all of your casino game playing real money action online, and that is an ever flowing range of new games will be on offer to you no matter at which casino sites you choose to play at.

It does however have to be said that some companies that do design online and even mobile casino games are much more famed for launched more new games than some other designers.

With that in mind if you are looking around on the hunt for a brand new casino site at which to play at and gamble at then consider using one that offers the range of games as designed by Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt.

For those three companies do tend to launch the biggest selection of new games throughout the year, and as such by playing at any casino site that offers their range of games you will always then have access to the biggest range of brand new games.

In fact, there are quite a number of instant play casino sites that offers games from all of those three different game designers, so possibly consider signing up to one of those casino sites!

Games with the Best Paybacks

What you should acquire as a savvy casino game player, is an ability to actually look past the theme of any casino game, and not necessarily be bothered if any casino games are brand spanking new or offer any unique bonus games or bonus features.

What you should be looking for is the all important payout percentage and house edge information that each game has been designed around, for once you discover that information about the games you have access to at any casino site you will then know which games do offer players the very highest of paybacks.

Look out for video poker games if you are unsure of just what games to play for those games tend to offer the highest payout percentages on of any type of gaming machines, however if you do enjoy playing card games then Blackjack games are the ones which do tend to offer the very lowest house edges.

Playing slot machines is of course something may casino players do enjoy doing, and with that in mind try and stick to playing only the slot machines that have certified and fully verified long term expected payout percentages of over 97%.

By playing those types of slot games instead of lower paying ones, you will get more winning payouts awarded to you over your long term player which is the one thing that any savvy slot player is going to be looking for and will also be hoping for too!

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