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Underage Gambling Laws Strengthened

December 31, 2017 July 19, 2018 Christopher Andrews

It is always worrying the way in which youngsters and those under the legal age to gamble do have access to a range of different gambling sites online, and that is something that all Gambling Commission and Licensing Authorities want to ensure never happens.

As such a range of different regulations have been announced and put into place which ensures that any company that offers absolutely any type of betting services to their customers which does of course include bingo, poker and casino sites, must have adequate systems in place to negate the possibly of children signing up to their sites.

As such when any one does sign up and register as a new customer of any site they are going to have to go through all manner of different checks to ensure they are the legal age to gamble.

Be prepared, when and if you do decide to become anew customer of absolutely any type of gambling related site to have to send into the operators of that site copies of legal documents that proves your identity and your age and also your address too.

Many gambling sites have a very streamlined system in place so that they can verify their new customer accounts.

Access to Gambling Site Payment Options

If anyone who is not the legal age to gamble does have access to means of being able to make a deposit into a gambling site then it may be some time before that site manages to discover they are too young to gamble.

As such any form of payment method that could be used to make a deposit into any gambling site is likely to also be subject to a range of laws and regulations.

So if you do for example make a deposit using a debit or credit card then you may also be required to prove that you are the legal owner of that credit or debit card.

I have heard that some players have been required to send into a gambling site during the account verification process a picture of them holding the card they used to deposit into those sites and to hold that card near to their face!

That may seem a very bizarre request, but it is one of many ways that gambling sites are able to protect themselves from fraudulent or underage gambling activities on their respective sites.

If you buy for example prepaid vouchers that you intend to use to make deposits into gambling site accounts, then often the shop or retail outlet you are buying those vouchers from will request identification from you if you do not look old enough to gamble, so keep that in mind if you intend to buy such prepaid vouchers to gamble with.

Gambling at Regulated Betting Sites

It really is going to be very important that you always make a concerted effort to ensure that every single sportsbook you do sign up to online holds a full and valid gambling license, for there are way too many different risks that you will be taking if you put your trust and faith in an unlicensed betting site.

One thing that you should also always make a point of doing is to double check that the licensing authority that any online sportsbook does claim to hold a license from does actually hold that license.

You will be able to check that a betting site is licensed by taking a look over the licensing  authorities or gambling commissions website, as that is where each sportsbook will be listed that holds one of their licenses.

By only ever gambling at such a site you will then be offered the protection the gambling license gives you, and you will know that betting site is going to adhere to a very strict code of conduct too, so you are unlikely to experience any problems when placing sports bets at such a site.

Plus, you will also benefit from your winning payouts being processed and sent out to you quickly and on time and in many cases fully licensed sports betting sites ring fence all of their customer deposits, meaning that the balance of your betting site account is fully insured in case the betting site you are or have been gambling at goes out of business, which is always good to know of course.

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