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Legality Surrounding Virtual Betting

July 21, 2018 July 26, 2018 Amanda Rothman

Virtual betting is a rather unique concept for instead of you betting on real life sporting fixtures and sporting event you are instead betting on a range of computer generated sporting events on which for example you will see a race full of horses battling it out to win that race, or even watch a cyber football match with computer generated players!

However, those virtual sporting events and games and  completely random and classed legally as fixed odds games of chances, for there is a random number generator determining the outcomes of each and every single game played, so you will always find them completely fair games to play.

Fixed odds simply means the odds of every possible outcome you can bet on will never change, so even if punters all over the country choose to bet for example on the same greyhound running in a virtual greyhound race, the odds on it winning will never change.

Being random games of chance with fixed odds, it is a random number generator that is going to determine the outcome of each race, and below I will explain how those results and odds are determined on such virtual games.

How Fixed Odds and the Winners Are Determined

The easiest way that I can give you an insight into how the odds are compiled on any type of virtual racing event is by comparing each horse for example running in a virtual horse race with a simple raffle, but no race meetings will be cancelled due to the weather!

Before the race is run each horse has a different number of raffle tickets in the draw and as such the one with the most tickets is the favourite and the one with the least tickets is the outsider, the draw is then performed via the random number generator and the result of the result is determined, and the computer will then run the race with its computer generated horses to display the result of the race on a betting shop screen or a punters computer if they are playing those game online.

In fact some virtual horse racing games will give you horse racing tips as you are playing them!

Multi-Stake Betting Opportunities

One final thing that you should be aware of when betting on any type of virtual sporting events is that you are always going to be in full control of not only just what types of bets and wagers you place on them but also the stake levels that you choose to bet on them with.

There will be as many types of betting opportunities available on them as you will find you can place when betting on real life sporting events and sporting wagers, and as the stake levels are fully adjustable too you can bet as much or as little as you like.

But at the end of the day as these types of betting opportunities are completely random and provably so, you will have just a much enjoyment when betting on them as you will do when betting on real life sporting events to so keep that in mind, as you may very quickly warm to them!

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