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How do Regulators Oversee Pooled and Tote Bets?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 Jessica Wilson

When you visit for example a greyhound track or a horse racing course you will be able to place all manner of bets and wagers at those venues, however you do of course always have the option of placing bets and wagers on the races as such places online or via a mobile betting app too.

One type of bet that is always a popular one are pooled bets and Tote bets, which are simply bets you place the stakes of which are added to a pool, and the winning bets placed on an individual race or more than one race are then evenly split between the winning ticket holders whose bets have all won.

The laws and regulations surrounding pool betting opportunities are fairly straight forward for as long as the operators of such betting markets ensure all winners do get paid out an equal share of the pool on the winning bets they have placed there is nothing else to regulate.

However, keep in mind that out of the pool of wagers placed the operators will be removing fees and charges and any required taxes or betting duty and it is only once everything has been removed from the pool of cash the dividends will then be announced.

Best Types of Tote Bets to Place

It will all be down to the level of risk you want to have in place when you do set about making use of a pooled or Tote betting opportunities, and as such the lowest risk bet you can place is a place bet.

However, you may be looking for some betting opportunities on a pooled betting markets or on the Tote that can and will award some much higher valued winning payouts and as such consider placing a Trifecta bet on a horse race as they are famed for having some very high valued winning pay-outs to punter show can correctly predict the first, second and third placed horse sin any race!

Where to Bet on the Tote

It is often at a racecourse that you are going to find plenty of places available to you that will allow you to bet directly into a Tote Pool.

However, there are plenty of online and mobile betting sites that also offer their customers a range of Toe and Pooled betting opportunities, so be prepared to take a look around the web or on the app  store to see which sites and apps do offer such betting opportunities, as there will be p;lenmty of them available to you.

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