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Gambling Site Advertisements Come Under Scrutiny

December 31, 2017 July 19, 2018 James Anderson

There has been something of a change in regards to the way that gambling sites are permitted to advertise their offers and promotions, for many countries are now banning such advertisements during the day time on radio on television.

However, it is also the bonuses themselves that have been coming under the close scrutiny of regulators. Many gambling related sites have been offering what they call free bonuses to new players to get them to sign up, but many of those supposed free bonuses actually require gamblers to make a deposit before they are awarded with those bonus credits.

As such many regulators having been inundated with complaints are now insisting that any terms and conditions associated with claiming a bonus offer are placed on any type of advertisements used to promote any type of gambling site in any environment.

But as always, I would urge all gamblers who are interested in taking any type of bonus, to ensure that they do read through all of the terms and conditions associated with those bonuses, as that way you are always going to know of any risks attached to claiming any of them.

Whilst you will find some completely free of charges bonuses being made available to you, there are plenty of bonuses that do require some form of a deposit to be made before you will be awarded with those bonus credits!

Playing Safe at Online Casinos

You will always want the peace of mind knowing that you are going to get paid out your winnings in a very timely fashion, and also that you are not going to have any restrictions in regards to just how much cash you can withdraw from your casino account in one single payout.

Therefore as legal online casinos do tend to offer some of the very highest cash out limits, and as you are also going to find a plethora of different withdrawal options available those are exactly the types of casino sites you should be signing up to.

If you do not play at licensed and fully regulated casino sites there is a good chance you will find just a small limited array of withdrawal options available to you and you may be forced to have to put up with very low maximum daily or weekly payment limits too

In fact, in some extreme cases when you do wish to cash out your winnings from unlicensed and unrelated casino sites you may find that the withdrawal options all come with a fee for your to withdraw your own money from your casino account.

So you are going to have to pay for each withdrawal you make, and if small payout limits are in place at the casino site you are playing at, those fees can make a huge dint in your winnings, which is of course something that no online casino game player is going to want to be faced with.

Consider Not Claiming Bonuses of Any Type

I would also urge anyone who does wish to gamble online to consider not actually claiming any type of bonuses either as a new customers of any gambling site or as and when they are offered ongoing promotional deals from such a site.

The one main benefit of choosing to not claim and to ignore any and all bonus offers is that when you set about gambling with your own money then you are never going to be forced to have to adhere to all manner of unique terms and conditions in regards to the way you gamble.

Plus, if you do decide to gamble with only your own bankroll and never claim any type of promotional offer you are then going to be free to cash out your winnings at any time.

There will never be any type of play through requirements attached to your own deposited funds so you can play as many games or place as many bets as you like without having to play them in the way the gambling site want you to play them, which is always going to be the case if you are using their bonus credits.

So do consider playing with just your own money as that way you are then always going to be in charge of your own destiny when you do just that!

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