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Do Cross-Border Gambling Licenses Offer Full Protection?

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 Claire Aleman

As somebody who does partake in gambling activities online, you may be worried about the protection that is afforded to you by you choosing to gamble at a betting site that is licensed in another country other than your own.

If that is something that has been worry you, then my advice would be to stick to betting only at betting sites that are licensed and regulated in your own home country of residence, for it will be far easier to get any problems you may experience at those sites addressed, by directly contacting the Gaming Commission that has licensed that site in your own home country.

There are lots of gambling sites that are located offshore in many different countries of the world, but you really do need to be careful when gambling at such sites, for if you are not careful and do experience any type of problems those Gaming Commissions based offshore may not be as effective as those that are based at home!

In fact that is a problem that many online and mobile gamblers do experience, so keep that in mind when you are choosing just where to gamble!

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

What I have noticed about many Gambling Commissions is that some of them will have their own in house team who are well equipped to deal with and resolve any complaints that may come in regarding any gambling sites that have been licensed by them.

However, some Gambling Commissions such as for example the UK Gambling Commission require each of the gambling sites licensed by them to have something known as an Alternative Gambling Resolution Service available to their customer..

That will be a third party and completely independent company or organisation that will handle any and all complaints that the gambling site cannot resolve, and the outcome of those resolutions those third parties to arrive at will be honoured by the gambling sites.

Unlicensed Gambling Sites

One final thing that I do want you to be fully aware of when you are hunting around online for a gambling site as which to sign up to and bet and gamble at, is that not every single one you will come cross will be licensed.

There are a huge and often growing number of betting sites that launch online that are not licensed anywhere in the world, and if you choose to make use of such a site you have no protection what so ever, and in most cased unlicensed gambling site are out and out scams.

So when you have made a deposit for example and placed any type of bet or wager, if those bets and wagers win the unlicensed gambling sites will never pay you out your winnings!

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