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What are the Pay-Outs Laws on Each-Way Bets?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 Barbara Cohen

It can be and often is very difficult for a first time or completely novice sports bettors to quickly get their head around and understand the rules and laws surrounding a range of different bets, for every single type of bet you can place will always have a set of rules associated with them.

One type of bet that is very popular with sports betting is one known as an each-way bet, and when placing that bet you have to place two bets in one, the first bet covers your selection to win a sporting event outright and the other bet covers your selection finishing in a high position of a race or tournament.

The power of offering you an each-way range of bets on any betting opportunity and sporting event is going to be with the betting site you are betting at, and as such the odds on offer and the number of places they are going to be offering you can and will vary from betting site to betting site.

Therefore what you are going to find as you shop around and compare the number of places and the percentage of the win odds that will be on offer to you at different betting sites and on different sporting events will vary.

Sports You Can Bet On Each-Way

If you do ever fancy placing an each way type of bet then it will usually be on horse races and greyhound races that you will find the most types of each-way betting opportunities on, and the returns and winning payouts can be high if you select the biggest priced placed runners in those races.

You are also going to find that when you choose to bet on tournaments such as for example golf or snooker tournaments you will always have the option of picking any number of players to finish in one of the top positions in those tournaments via an each-way type of betting market.

Where to Place Each-Way Bets

There are going to be each-way betting opportunities available to you not matter where you choose to bet, however most of today’s modern day punters are going to use a mobile betting app to place such best as they can be wherever they happen to be.

However, you will of course always have the option and ability of betting each-way at online betting site and will also be able to place such bets in a land based betting shop or at a land based sportsbook dependent on where you happen o be in the world when you fancy placing such a bet!

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