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The Laws and Regulations of Playing Roulette

July 28, 2018 July 28, 2018 Michael Wright

Roulette is of course a casino table game that has been around for hundreds of years, however in the last couple of decades thanks to online and mobile casino sites and also the FOBT’s found in land based betting shops, there has been a huge range of brand new variants going live.

The basic idea though of all Roulette games however is that you are faced with having to try and predict just which ball will be spun in on the next spin of the wheel, and will also be offered a range of other betting opportunities too.

Those betting opportunities can include things such as you trying to predict the colour of the next number spun in, whether it will be an odd or even number of a huge plethora of additional betting opportunities, all of which will of course come with their own unique set of pay-out odds.

In fact, there are now many different variants of Roulette which will offer you additional side betting opportunities to give you the chance of winning a huge valued winning payout, and you are also bound to come across Roulette games that will also offer you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot too!

Play Low House Edge Variants

What you do need to be aware of when playing any type and variant of Roulette is that each of them will have been designed to return a different house edge that is the percentage of players stakes over the long term that the casino is expected to win from their customers.

Therefore its stands to reason that you should be actively seeking out the variants on which there is the every lowest house edge, and those games always tend to be the ones with just one single zero on the wheel as opposed to more than one zero, side bets and progressive jackpots can also increase the house edge on Roulette games too, so maybe avoid ever playing those variants!

Live Casino Sites

Live Casino sites will allow their customers to play on Roulette wheels that are based in a land based casino, but access them remotely form their computers, no matter where they happen to be, and those live casino sites do offer a much more realistic type of gaming experience.

As the games are being filmed live and you can see all of the gaming action as it unfolds on your computer screen, you will never be left feeling like something is not right with those games of which there will be several different variants on offer of Roulette.

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