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Standard Betting Site Pay-Out Limits

July 25, 2018 July 25, 2018 Craig Anthony

Every type of online or mobile gambling site or gambling app is going to have their own unique set of maximum pay-out  limits, that being how much you can win on any one single bet or wager that you have placed or over a certain given time period.

However, as some gambling sites will have a fairly standard gambling platforms, whether that is offering betting opportunities, casino, poker or bingo games, today I want to take a look at some of the fairly industry standard pay-out limits in place one many different sites, as they can often be the same.

But before you do sign up to any such site please at all times make sure you do read through the terms and conditions attached to each site or gambling app, as that way you will be able to find out what if any pay-out limits are available at each sites or on each app, in case they differ from the industry standard pay-out limits.

In regards to horse racing you will often find that the maximum pay-out limits in place especially for horse races that are staged and held in the UK or in Ireland is Horse £1,000,000and regarding overseas horse races the fairly standard maximum pay-out limit is likely to be £50,000.

Maximum Tote Pool Pay-Out Limits

Many betting site and betting apps are going to allow you to plat pool bets, and it is the Tote that offers the biggest and most diverse range of betting opportunities using a pool type systems.

One thing that you are going to find of interest regarding the maximum pay-out limits when betting on the Tote is that there are no maximum pay-out limits in pace on such bets, and as such the sky really is the limit regarding just how much you could win when placing such a bet of any type on the Tote!

Greyhound Betting

If you have an interest in betting on greyhound racing, then be aware that the maximum payout limits will often vary regarding just what types of bets you place and the type o greyhound aces that you have chosen to bet on.

Take for example any BAGS or BEGS greyhound meeting, the maximum pay-out offered to customers at most betting sites on such races will be £250,000 and any other greyhounds covered for example by SIS or any UK terrestrial TV channel is £100,000

Bets accepted on greyhound races that are held at any of the following tracks: Crayford, Hove, Romford, and Wimbledon will have a maximum pay-out limit per bet of £25,000 and a maximum pay-out limit of £10,000 is on offer at the following greyhound tracks: Belle Vue, Monmore, Sunderland, Nottingham, and Newcastle.

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