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Should Bookmakers be required by Law to Reveal Over-Rounds?

July 22, 2018 July 22, 2018 Craig Anthony

You may never have actually come across the term over-round; however it is a very important aspect of sports betting, and one that you should be paying very careful attention to no matter whether you bet online, on a mobile device or online.

What is actually refers to is the amount of profit, displayed as a percentage, that a betting site operator or bookmaker including most sportsbooks is expected to make on each book they form, if they have an equal volume or wagers placed on each of the betting opportunities on any one single sporting event they are offering to punters.

However, what often surprises most sports bettors is just how high that figure can be, for if for example a bookie is offering a market on any sporting event with an over-round of say 140 then they are going to make $40.00 for every $100 wagered on that sporting event.

Many punters are of the mind that a bookie should therefore display their betting market over-rounds to ensure they know which one is offering them true betting value, and of course more appealing odds too!

Low Over-Round Betting Sites

There is however one guaranteed way that punters are going to ensure that they are always getting access to betting markets that come with the very lowest possible over-rounds and that is by making use of a peer to peer betting exchange.

There are quite a number of them available online, and as it is the customer of those sites who lay the odds, there is a lot of completion between them to ensure the odds are the highest possible, thus ensuring the over-rounds are very low, in fact the over-rounds are also displayed on each betting markets at most betting exchanges.

How Peer to Peer Betting Exchanges Work

There is nothing mysterious about the way a peer to peer betting exchange works, for as soon as you sign up to one you are then given the option of choosing whether to place bets at the odds displayed on each betting market or lays odds to other punters yourself.

When laying bets you have to select the sporting event you wish to utilize and then look up the individual betting opportunities available on that sporting event. You can then offer your own odds on the outcome of that betting opportunity and if your odds are appealing enough other users of that site will then place bets with you.

You need to have enough money in your betting account to cover your potential pay-outs, however if the outcome of that sport betting event is in your favour then you get to keep the stake money of the user of that site who took your odds and placed that bet with you.

Conversely, if that user won their bet then you will be required to pay them out their winnings as per the stakes they placed and the odds you offered them.

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