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Self Exclusion Laws Tightened

July 19, 2018 July 19, 2018 Christopher Andrews

If you gamble online, or a mobile device or even wander into a land based gambling venue, then you may have noticed that over the last few years there has been a very sharp increase regarding the number of responsible gambling initiatives that have been launched at such sites and venues.

To be fair to some gambling venue and site operators many of them have actually gone above and beyond what is expected of them, and as such you will find many of them now employ staff whose job it is will be to recognise customers who may be displaying sites of having a gambling problem.

In fact PAF who operate online and land based gambling sites and venues have just announced that they are going to be imposing on all of their customers a maximum loss limit, and as such when a customer reaches that limit they will not be allowed to continue to gamble with them!

The main reason why there has been a sharp increase in the number of ways that gambling site and venue operators are offering their customers select exclusion services is that they have been required to by their regulators.

What is Self Exclusion?

Self exclusion is simply a way for a gambler of any gambling venue or gambling site to ban themselves from any gambling at those sites or venues again.

A player is required to fill out a form to ask to be self exclusion and then the gambling site or venue owner will do everything they are required to do by law to ensure that person never gambles again at their sites or venues

How to Self Exclude

If you do feel that your gambling activities are spiralling out of hand, then be aware help and support is always available to you, and one thing you should try and do as soon as you possibly can do is to self exclude yourself from every single gambling related site or venue you gamble at.

What that may entail you having to do at a land based gambling venue is asking for a self exclusion form, and you will need to fill out that form giving personal details such as your name, and also often hand over a picture of yourself to that staff in hat venue are aware of what you look like.

You will need to sign that self exclusion form, and by doing so you will be banning yourself from that venue, and is you attempt to enter it in the future you ill not be allowed too, if you do get in and start to gamble at for example a US based casino you could be arrested and charged with trespass!

It may seem an extreme move to make, but by not being able to enter a gambling venue or gamble at a gambling site the risk will be removed.

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