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Offshore US Facing Sportsbooks Experiencing a Downturn in Business

August 9, 2018 August 13, 2018 Claire Aleman

It was in the mid 1990’s that the very first online sportsbooks started to appear, and in the decade after they did it was one of the most profitable business environments on the web, for gamblers were able to place their bets and wagers,  no matter where they happened to live with relative ease at such sites.

However, for legal reasons and also to avoid huge tax bills, many of the very first online sportsbooks would be based offshore in tax free havens, which did of course mean that they had a major advantage over land based sportsbooks, as their overheads were a fraction of what a land based sportsbook would have to pay out simply it operate.

Whilst those early years were very profitable, over the years as the number of online sportsbooks has increase and with the advent of mobile betting apps and many countries putting in place bans on sportsbooks that are not licensed and regulated within their jurisdiction, that has led to many onetime very popular offshore sportsbooks closing down.

In fact there are now only a handful of such sportsbooks remaining, and those that are left to battle it out in the very overcrowded online sports betting environment as experience some massive downturns in turn over, income and therefore profits too.

US Becoming More Embracing of Online Gambling

The US has finally turned a corner in regards to the way the Government; much more so at State level look at online gambling and a growing number of US States have embraced online gambling already.

Place such as Delaware, Atlantic City and Nevada now permit their residents to gamble and bet online but only at sites and on apps that have been granted a US State issued gambling license.

Less Risky Betting Environment

One of the major advantages of you are a sports bettor who is based in a USS Sate that does now permit online gambling in any shape or form, is that you are going to find those locally licensed sportsbooks offer you much greater protection than any offshore based online sportsbook ever could.

Ultimately when betting and gambling at a locally State licensed online or mobile betting site you are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing those sites and apps are run to the very highest of industry standards and will always just as importantly get paid out your winnings and in full too!

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