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Legal US Online Gambling Gives Players More Protection

August 7, 2018 August 13, 2018 James Anderson

Whilst I am aware that some people will be totally against gambling in any shape or form, it does look like there are going to be an increase regarding the number of US States that are going to legalize online gambling in the very near future.

The one major upshot of that being the case is that there are going to a range of player protection methods that will be put in place for anybody wishing to gamble online that are not currently available.

Even though gamblers have not had access to a range of online gambling sites that are licensed in their own home State, unless they live in places such as Nevada and Atlantic City, that hasn’t stopped many millions of US gamblers gambling online.

What that have been doing however is gambling at offshore based gambling sites, which give them access to all manner of games of chance and betting opportunities, such as bingo, poker and casino sites and no shortages of sportsbooks too, however as those sites are not licensed or regulated anywhere in the US, gamblers have had no recourse if they ever run into problems gambling at those sites.

Rigged Games and No Winning Pay-outs

Over the years quite a number of offshore based gambling sites have been exposed as offering games that were rigged in the favour of the house, and many US gamblers have been stung financially playing those games as they had no chance of ever winning.

Not only that but many sports bettors based in the USA that have been betting at offshore based sportsbooks have found their winnings achieved at some of those betting sites have never been paid out to them, and they are ignored when they inquire about getting paid out too.

Certified Pay Games and Hassle- Free Cash Outs

The one major advantage of being able to freely gamble at any  type of gambling site that is licensed somewhere in the USSA is that players are then afforded a huge range of protections, such as being able to access games of chance that are fair and random and have been certified as being such.

As far as sportsbooks go, well by choosing to and actually being given the option of being able to place a sports related bet at a legally USA licensed online sportsbook, punters know that no matter what they are going to get paid out their winnings quickly and in a completely hassle free way too.

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James Anderson
James Anderson is our legal beagle and loves nothing more than dissecting laws and regulations surrounding online, mobile and land based gaming and ensuring all jurisdictions sing from the same hymn sheet, and is prepared to call them out if they do not.

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