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Laws on the Use of Games of Chance

July 31, 2018 August 2, 2018 Amanda Rothman

The legal definition of games of chance is that the outcome of each game played off, no matter what game it is, must be randomly selected, and when you choose to gamble at for example an online casino site the outcome of each game will be determined by a random number generator.

If, however you decide to play card and table games in a land based or at one of the new live online casino sites, then the games are random in their nature by use of a deck of fully shuffled playing cards or the spin of a Roulette wheel or the roll of one for more dice.

As long as the outcome of a game is random then those games are all games of chance. You will however find games if skill available at some casino sites and venues, and those games are not going to be determined by chance, but by the skill and abilities of the players playing them.

However, it is worth me pointing out that when you are playing any games of chance they will all have a built in house edge or a long term expected pay-out percentage, as by doing so they can guarantee a profit for the operators of those games.

Determining the Best Games of Chance to Play

What you should be doing as someone who does fancy playing games of chance, is seeking out those games that have been set to return the very highest of pay-out percentages or the very lowest house edges.

By doing so whilst you will be expected to lose over the long term you will not lose as quickly as you would when playing games of chance that boast higher house edges and low pay-out percentages, so always keep that in mind.

How to Discover RTP’s and House Edges

Many land based casinos are not obliged to let their customers know what the house edges or pay-out percentages that they games have been set to are, so it will be left to guesswork to find out which games to play!

However, by playing at for example an online casino sites you will often find that all important information is listed somewhere on the websites, pay tables or in the help files attached to each game, so always make a concerted effort to discover just which games do offer the very highest pay backs and stick to playing them!

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