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Current Laws Very Lax on Games of Skill

July 22, 2018 July 22, 2018 Jay Castillo

Games of skill are proving to be more and more popular these days, in fact over in places such as Las Vegas you are going  to find quite a number of brand new games that are being wheeled out onto gaming floors, all of which offer a true skill based playing structure and format.

However, one of the problems with games of skill is that due to their very nature they tend not to come under the control of gaming regulators, as being games of skill as opposed to games of chance the outcome of each game will be determined by the level of skill a player posses when playing them.

What would however be a good idea is that if gaming regulators did step in to ensure each game has been designed in such a way they are truly skill based and not a gambling type game in disguise for in some countries games that appear to be skill based are nothing of the sort.

It will of course be up to individual gaming regulators to determine whether they are going to be regulating such games, but it would be good to see them do so as there could be the potential for cheating from some game suppliers in a handful of countries and also at online gambling sites too.

How Games of Skill Work

There is nothing mysterious about games of skill or the way that they work, for they offer players the ability to play a range of different games on which at the end of the day it is their own skill that determines the outcome of those games.

If there most basic form they could for example be based around a shooting styled game, intact if you are old enough to remember the Space Invaders game then some skill based games will be designed in a similar way!

Should I Play Games of Skill?

Due to the fact that is each players level of skill and abilities that are going to have a direct effect as to whether they are going to win or lose when playing games of skill, then I would strongly advise you to only ever play such games that you have fully mastered playing.

In fact, if you decide to play such games online then you are going to be able to set about playing them for free using demo mode credits, and that does of course mean that you are going to be able to fully master playing them if you do put in enough free play time.

Once you do feel you have the required skill to at the very least give you  fair chance of winning when playing such games, you should then start off by playing or low level stake amounts and not start playing for stake levels that are way too high for your bankroll to sustain for any length of time.

Keep in mind too that even though you may feel you have mastered playing games of skill, you are not going to win every time, and often the pay-outs are going to be quite low on such games and machines too!

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