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Can Bookmakers Legally Ban You for Winning?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 James Anderson

You are of course going to set about placing bets and wagers at bookmakers sites, sportsbooks and general online and mobile betting sites in the hope that each of the bets and wagers that you place turn out to be winning ones!

However, if you are ever lucky enough to experience winning bet after winning bet, then one thing that you may go on to experience at quite a number of betting sites is being banned from those sites, and the only reason you are banned from such sites is that you won!

There is however a legal requirement that any betting site that does wish to ban any of their customers for any reason what so ever, must ensure those customers are able to access and withdraw any and all account balances and winnings they hold in their betting accounts.

Also betting site must honour any bets that are still open or in play at the point in time they decide to ban a customer, so at the end of the day the customer will not be forced to have to give up any open bets if they do find themselves getting banned form a betting site, unless both the customer and betting site operator agree to such.

Always Gamble Responsibly

As long as you learn how to stay in control when betting you should have plenty of fun and plenty of winning opportunities too, but you should always be prepared to set some limits when gambling in any type of gambling environment.

IF you do that your gambling activities are getting a little out of hand then there will be plenty of ways for you to seek help and support and most gambling site now allow you to set your own loss limits and daily, weekly and even monthly deposit limits too.

Bookies That Will Not Ban You for Winning

There are some betting exchanges that are going to allow you to not only place bets but also lay your own odds in the hope that other users of those peer to peer betting site find your odds appealing and are prepared to stake money on them.

Those betting changes earn their income by charging a small commission only on either the bettor or the layer of the odds that wins, and as such you are never going to get banned from such a site for it doesn’t matter who wins the betting exchange operator will always make their commission and income!

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