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New Digital Banking Apps a Perfect Solution for Gamblers

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Claire Aleman

Some gamblers have no concern about who knows that they enjoy partaking in all manner of different gambling activities, however for some other gamblers they want to ensure that for example their bank does not know they enjoy having the occasional flutter.

In fact, it has been discovered that banking institutions often look at the spending habits of their customers these days to make any type of lending decision, and are much more likely to refuse to lend to anybody who has a history of gambling transactions listed on the bank statements!

Therefore what many gamblers choose to do is to make use of a web or e-wallet as they move money into a betting or gambling site account, and as the method in which they withdraw their winnings too.

By doing so their bank will never see the names of any gambling related companies appearing on a customer’s bank account statement, and as such will never turn down an application for a loan, overdraft or even a mortgage due to the fact a customer of theirs does enjoy gambling in any type of environment. But there is now a new option available to gamblers, and that is by using one of the new digital banking apps.

Revolut Offers a Perfect Solution for Gamblers

One company that has very recently launched a digital banking app is Revolut, and you can sign up for a bank account with them in a matter of minutes, and they gave a very streamlined account verification system in place. Plus, banking apps rarely experience banking outages that some other banks do with their online services.

Once your Revolut digital bank account has been verified you are then going to be able to use it much like any other bank account, and will be sent out a prepaid MasterCard linked up to that account, but can also generate your own virtual Visa cards too.

Virtual Visa Cards

By using the Revolut banking app, which be the way is the only way you can access your bank account with tem, you can generate any number of Visa Cards, and as such can then use those Visa Cards to deposit money into any type if gambling sit account.

You can then request your winnings are paid back into your digital bank account as a sort code, account number and Swift or Iban number is available to you to give to a gambling site, so if you have been thinking of opening up a bank account for gambling purposes it may pay dividends for you to make use of the Revolut digital app.

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