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New Approach Adopted for Gambling Harm Awareness Week

August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018 Barbara Cohen

I do like the method that New Zealand has adopted regarding their upcoming Gambling Harm Awareness Week, for instead of badgering gamblers will all manner of advertisements warning them of the dangers of gambling, which many of them will be aware of they have taken a completely different approach.

As such, what is going to be happening for the full week of that gambling awareness campaign in New Zealand is that pokie machines in lots of different venues are going to be turn off for one full hour per day.

So, whilst gamblers are going to be able to enter the premises in which pokie machines are available and can be played, players are not going to be able to play them for an hour as they will be tuned off, which could be a good way for such gamblers to reflect on whether they do have a gambling problem or not.

Being forced to sit and think for an hour could and will hopefully then force the handful of gamblers who are unable to control their gambling activities to seek help and advice instead blowing their bankrolls as so many of them do when playing pokie machines in New Zealand!

Anybody Can Get Addicted to Playing Pokies

Gambling addiction is not restricted to one class of gambler, for anybody at any time could be overtaken by the thrill and excitement of gambling in any environment, and as such that is something everybody does need to be fully aware of.

However, for most people as long as they set themselves a few gambling limits before they set about playing pokie machines and they stick to their limits and always know them, they are never likely to experience any type of gambling related problem.

Where to Seek Support

As for just where someone can and will be able to seek help and advice regarding any gambling related problems they may have, well it doesn’t matter where in the world you live help and support is always going to be available to you.

Many gambling support charities and organisations have websites you can visit to get a general grounding for the help and support they offer, and you will also find many such charities and organisations will also have phone lines that you can make use of and many of them also can arrange face to face meetings and group sessions too!

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Barbara Cohen has direct contacts at most Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities, and as such always gets to hear of and report on news stories that affect both operators and gamblers alike.

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