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More Gambling Options at the Pearl River Resort

August 24, 2018 August 23, 2018 Claire Aleman

Thanks to the liberalisation of the laws surrounding sports betting in the USA, more and more land based casinos in many different US States are planning to open up sportsbooks in their venues and very quickly too.

In fact, next week the Pearl River Resort in Mississippi will be opening their sportsbook, which promises to give sports bettors a fully rounded experience, and will be a sportsbook in which all manner of different betting activities will be available.

One company that has been benefitting massively from the sheer number of new new sportsbooks being allowed to open and operate across the USA is William Hill, whose US based management team have been rushed off their feet recently securing contracts to operate sportsbooks in many land based casinos.

Whether or not the new laws that are now in place allowing US States other than Nevada to offer sportsbooks is going to be a financially profitable one for many land based casinos does of course remain to be seen.

But it is certainly going to be the case that those casinos that do open up their sportsbooks first are going to steal a march on their competition so to speak, and will probably be the ones that are around for a very long time too.

Will More Sportsbooks Dilute Profitability

One thing that is possibly going to happen regarding sports betting, and the sheer number of new sportsbooks that are going to be opening, is that established ones could start to suffer financially; however it will be those that are based offshore offering online sports betting activities that are guaranteed to see a downturn in income.

However, that will be music to the ears of land based gaming venue operators, for they have for a very long time now seen offshore and often unlicensed sportsbooks thriving, whilst they have had their hands tied and haven’t been able to compete with them.

Bet on Everything Under the Sun!

If you haven’t visited places such as Las Vegas before, and therefore have never visited a land based sportsbooks in the USA before, then you really are going to be amazed at the sheer diversity of the betting opportunities such venues offer.

You are going to be able to place bets on any sporting event taking place in any country of the world, and in most cases you are going to be able to play your bets and wagers and then sit back in the sportsbook and watch the event you have bet on play out on one of the TV screens in those venues too!

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