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Please do make sure that you are the legal age to gamble or above for you will need to be to be able to use our website and to gamble at any land based or online or mobile gambling site.

The Legal Gambling Report website is a news and information based website and as such no gambling activities are available on our throughout this website.

The information that we provide to you is at all times for information purposes only and we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Please do ensure that if your gamble at any land based gambling venue or at any online or mobile gambling sites, always ensure that you gamble within your means and you are playing at a fully licensed and regulated site.

You will find many support groups and organisations that can help and support you if you feel that your gambling activities are getting out of hand and are causing your any concerns or problems. Please do gamble responsibly at all times and also set a gambling budget that you can afford and always stick to that gambling budget too