Legal Gambling Reports from all around the world

Legal Gambling Report are proud to have a number of great editors and contributors who are guided by our Chief Editor David Nugent, working to bring all the latest news from the gambling industry. The Legal Gambling Report team all have a background either in gambling or have a in-depth knowledge of gambling trends and legal matters.

Below you find a complete list of all the current Legal Gambling Report authors working with us at You will be able to see more about the author and also posts published by clicking on their name.

David Nugent

David Nugent Editor

Hi, my name is David and I am the chief editor of, I am proud to bring you all latest legal matters concerning the gambling industry covering poker, casino, bingo and many more.

Barbara Cohen

Barbara Cohen Contributor

Barbara Cohen has direct contacts at most Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities, and as such always gets to hear of and report on news stories that affect both operators and gamblers alike.

Christopher Andrews

Christopher Andrews is our roving reporter and can often be found wandering the floor at gaming conventions around the globe, and he loves getting a story out into the public domain first.

Claire Aleman

Claire Aleman Author

Claire Aleman has been with us from the start and is passionate about fair gaming, and asking those in charge very challenging questions, and questions they tend not to want to be asked.

Craig Anthony

Craig Anthony Editor

Craig Anthony looks into complaints against gambling companies to ensure our readership is aware of just which gambling sites are complying with current legalisation are those that are not.

Danielle Green

Danielle Green Contributor

Danielle Green has a keen eye for detail and spends hours studying the terms and conditions of gaming related sites including their promotional offers, to ensure they are not simply traps for players and punters alike.

James Anderson

James Anderson is our legal beagle and loves nothing more than dissecting laws and regulations surrounding online, mobile and land based gaming and ensuring all jurisdictions sing from the same hymn sheet, and is prepared to call them out if they do not.

Jay Castillo

Jay Castillo Contributor

Jay Castillo is a player at heart, and as such you will often find him reviewing all the latest newly launched casino styled games, and revealing information on them regarding cross-border regulations,

Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson is based in the USA and as such she takes a very keen interest in US related gambling laws, whether they are surrounding land based gambling venues or online gambling sites.

Michael Wright

Michael Wright specializes in sportsbook related laws and regulations, however he does also have a keen interest in all things gambling related, and his news stories can be very hard hitting but always worth a read.

Amanda Rothman

Amanda Rothman is our games of skill and bingo expert, and nothing tends to escape the notice of her when she is testing out new games, and ensuring they comply with all known gambling laws.